Cultivating  Clean  & Healthy Homes
Imagine walking into a space filled with the aromatic smell of essential oils. Now imagine it immaculately clean with sparking floors, clean baseboards and clean windows. You’ll especially notice how clean the kitchen and bathrooms are and that everything seems to be in its place.
Our services take green cleaning to new heights and we do it all with a holistic approach. Your home will never look or feel better. We will take care of all your special needs and ensure that your home is treated with the utmost care, including green cleaning those hard to reach areas.
We are the healthier choice for your home.
Green & Holistic Cleaning Service Of Memphis 

We are a green & holistic cleaning service, and we know that our clients expect more than they would from a traditional service.
It is important to us to be a step above the rest. We are concerned about your family’s health and the environmental effects of using toxic chemicals in your home.

We use only environmentally safe, eco-friendly, and truly green cleaning products. Our approved products have the same cleaning potency & capacity as the traditional chemical cocktails. Minus the harmful fumes and adverse health effects. 

Green Collar Cleaning is a family owned business and we believe in protecting the sanctity of our living environment, our communities, and our planet.


How we do it.
Our cleaning process involves the use of chemical free, green and eco-friendly products enhanced by the proven power of essential oils. 

Our service will leave your residence or office smelling fresh and not reminiscent of harsh chemicals.

We bring modern ideas to dust removal and cleaning.

no rope mops, brooms, feather dusters or make it yourself products will be used by our Holistic Home-Techs. Instead of dragging dust and debris around your home, we use a combination of true HEPA filtered vacuums and microfiber cleaning cloths to effectively remove unwanted contaminants from your space. 
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