“Cultivating clean and healthy homes”–

-This statement is not just an advertising slogan that is printed on our business cards and used in our booklets but it signifies our leading principle and our company motto. This simple, short slogan communicates our deeply-felt conviction that there is more to the process of maintaining a healthy, balanced home than a chemical wipe down.
“Healthy homes” articulates our belief that homes that are healthy and holistic in an ethereal sense, can only be cultivated, produced and processed by healthy, happy people.

Only people who do well themselves, who do not have to fight for daily survival can muster the necessary diligence and affection that is needed for the maintenance of a healthy home –

​Homes  that not only  fill one’s need for shelter but are beneficial to one’s overall well-being.
We greatly consider the welfare of our people that have a hand in the cultivation of a healthy home. Starting with our Holistic Home-Techs who stand at the front line of the value chain.

The notion that we, the people who represent Green Collar Cleaning, love and appreciate the services that we provide is the most important prerequisite for our daily work.
 We are honored for our team members to also experience this and by effect, feel it in their personal health and well-being.


Now Hiring!!! Come Grow With Us

Dear Universe: I'm looking for A green job…

With the environment now high atop our agenda, green jobs are becoming more important than ever.  

At Green Collar Cleaning, our primary focus is on reducing the impact of our activities, and products on the environment. Green jobs serve to maximize efficient use of resources while
minimizing degradation of the planet from pollution and waste.

Holistic Home-Tech

We are not your average house-keeping service. We provide a truly green and natural alternative to conventional chemical cleaning services that have long-term health effects on not just the living occupants, but the cleaners as well. At Green Collar Cleaning, we help our clients, as well as our team, align themselves with a more natural and sustainable way of living.

A “Holistic Home-Technician” is a very honorable job. It takes someone who's an environmentalist at heart, confident, organized, has excellent time management skills, is trustworthy, hard-working and reliable.

A "Holistic Home-Tech" must possess all of these skills, as well as the ability to self-direct while maintaining a positive attitude.

Interested applicants: Click on the link below.     
Complete, and return our application to [email protected] Attn: Meghan 

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