Clients that use our service see us as a way to align themselves with a more natural way of living instead of just "housekeeping" such as:
Traditional Sage Cleansing services to eliminate unwanted negative energy from the space. 

Has your home been healed by the benefits of Smudging and Space Clearing?

Green Collar
Boutique Services

Choosing Green Collar Cleaning is a conscious choice to live in harmony with your environment.
Our company represents a natural way of living that cares deeply about the environment, conservation, and sustainability.

  We love knowing that the service we provide will safely and effectively remove waste, germs, dust, and airborne pollutants from your living space. After we have completed a day's work, we will always end knowing that we have improved not just the look of your home or office, but the overall health and wellness of your dwelling. 

To us, GREEN is not just something you put into a spray bottle. Being "green" is a way of life. A step towards a more sustainable, and healthy way of living benefiting not just ourselves, but our communities as well as our planet

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